Declinol is the ONE and ONLY product of its kind.

All Natural & Non-addictive
Non-pharmaceutical Declinol helps support you while you are cutting back at your own pace while maintaining your life schedule.

Private & Anonymous
Declinol ships in discreet packaging. Take at home or at work in seconds. While no meetings are required, Declinol is compatible with all support programs.

Customize & Succeed
Choose a Declinol kit that fits your goal and budget, reach your goal then continue with monthly Declinol supplements to maintain the new You.

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"I started, and it started curving my cravings from Alcohol..."

"I can't even tell you the world of difference it's made."

"It's definitely helping me to reduce my consumption"

"I am taking it one day at a time.... with Declinol I can reach my goal."

So, what is  Declinol  and exactly how does it work?

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Customer Feedback - Excellent

Totally positive experience
Happy with the service.

-Sean McNabb

works if you're ready to quit.
...not a quick fix


Very prompt delivery
Arrived sooner than expected. The item works as described. Very pleased


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Verified Purchase
This really works for me. I now have 28 days out of 30 without a drink and counting. The more days that go by the less I have needed. I have hardly had to use the product for the last 10 days.

Verified Customer Review

Verified Purchase
I bought this product because my brother used it and said it worked great! He wanted to cut down his alcohol consumption from 3 glasses of wine a night to 1. And it did do that for him.

We created the Declinol product line to fit YOUR specific needs. We are real people on a mission. We research, develop, manufacture, test and market our products globally. There simply isn't anything else like this in the world.

Study our site, it's a big decision. If you need anything we are just a livechat or phone call away. We truly look forward to serving you!

So, what is  Declinol  and exactly how does it work?

Declinol products are natural and safe herbal, nutritional-supplement based formulas that come in several versions and strengths to fit your unique needs and goals. All versions support reduced cravings and promote calmness and overall well-being, - allowing you to arrive at your desired alcohol consumption on your own schedule.

While everyone is different, most people require 60 - 90 days to change to achieve a new routine of reduced or no alcohol. Regardless of your starting point, after achieving your goal, the Declinol product provides customized vitamin supplement and cravings support to help keep you at optimum health.

 Declinol  is the #1 choice for THOUSANDS of people ALL OVER THE WORLD!
We ship to over 10 countries from our USA headquarters!

*Declinol can be started at any time, privately and confidentially!

Choose the kit below that best meets your needs and GET STARTED TODAY!

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Which version of  Declinol  is for me?

Regular Strength: Declinol is perfect for those who regret drinking "one too many" at Happy Hour or social events or just want to cut back.

Extra Strength: Declinol can help those who regularly drink alcohol but want to cut back, switch to occasional.

Maximum Clinical Strength: Declinol Maximum Clinical Strength is for those who need maximum support to ramp down back to a healthier drinking level.

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The Declinol Sprayer – brilliant, easy to use cravings control...

The industry-changing LifeMode Sprayer is the first delivery system for lifestyle health and wellness functions. This compact engineering marvel is designed to deliver a precise, highly atomized, fast-acting concentrated mist of targeted health and wellness ingredients. Independent studies show sub-lingual (under the tongue) absorption is one of the fastest ways to get active ingredients into your system - and the 20-dose, compact LifeMode Sprayer is the easiest way to accomplish it. Each LifeMode Spray is designed to fit perfectly in your pocket or purse so you always have it with you when you need it.

The ergonomic shape and balanced weight feels great in your hand - and it's human-friendly rounded corners fit your fingers perfectly. The tight-tolerance spray-head precisely meters and fully atomizes each spray to allow maximum absorption in the mouth and under your tongue. The industry's only all-glass (not plastic) interior bottle eliminates plastic leaching during storage and allows pasteurized hot-filling to eliminate worries about bacteria and mold while extending shelf life for safety.

The custom-designed, FDA- compliant silicone rubber gasketing assure tight, no-leak sealing to keep air out and preserve ingredient freshness. The sculpted and grip-textured activator button is recessed to prevent accidental depression while in your purse or pocket. LifeMode Sprays are eco-friendly with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. Unlike "one shot wonders", they are designed to be used with refill bottles and are fully recyclable after use. Expensive design? Yes. More difficult to manufacture? Yes. Best solution for our customers and environment? Yes. LifeMode Sprays are the smart way to handle daily life health and wellness needs.

*Directions for use: Declinol Sprayers can be used in conjunction with the Declinol Clinical capsules to promote cravings control and to help support you in your health. The Declinol Sprayer can be used up to 3 times per day, and up to 4 sprays per dose to help minimize cravings prior to normal drinking patterns/times or as cravings occur through the day or night. Keep a Declinol Sprayer with you at all times to help control sudden or situational cravings.

(There are no known side effects when using Declinol in accordance with suggested usage instructions. Always consult your Practitioner before beginning a new health product or before starting Declinol if you are taking any medications or being treated for any medical conditions.)