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"Declinol has a big part in that, the craving is just not there!"

– Mary Lynn, Accounting

Based on HUNDREDS of reviews

"… drank for over 30 years Down to a beer a day in just 2 weeks!"

-A, Homemaker

Totally positive experience
Happy with the service.

-Sean McNabb

"I’ve been on the program for almost 3 weeks now and I LOVE IT!!

I feel fantastic. I haven’t had a craving to the desire to drink. I have more energy and feel great. I love this product and I recommend it for anyone who relies on alcohol. It’s amazing.

-Brittany W., Oak Hills, Ca.

works if you’re ready to quit.
…not a quick fix


“Thank you for your inquiry. I’m doing fantastic! NO alcohol for 21 days!

I’m truly living again. I’m working out feverishly with walking and biking to occupy the time I normally spent drinking. You may not know that I was a long distance runner in high school and college with a best time of 4.07 in the mile run. I was addicted to running at that time and it put me through college. When performance went down, my drinking went up. There is no doubt that Declinol drastically reduced my desire to drink…”

– Scott S.

Very prompt delivery
arrived sooner than expected. The item works as described. Very pleased


Hi Steve. Sorry this is a bit tardy from my end. I have been busy with work and I have a weekday off to finally get this mailed out.

What a difference Declinol made in my life! Never did I imagine being free of my daily alcohol issues. As you know and partially tracked me over the weeks – my response to Declinol was optimal. I have no cravings and much more importantly any interest in alcohol – it’s a miracle to be in this renewed mindset –Declinol helped me reboot my system. I truly feel like the man I used to be prior to drinking (I was a late bloomer – started in my early 30′s).

Nonetheless I am very grateful and happy to report the true success of the program – I sure hope the good news on this product gets as wide of a broadcast as possible – with Declinol – if there is the will to stop drinking there is a way. Please feel free to stay in touch. Sincerely in warmest regards

– AB, Ohio

This Worked Great for Me!
This really works for me. I now have 28 days out of 30 without a drink and counting. The more days that go by the less I have needed. I have hardly had to use the product for the last 10 days.

– dwondercats

Hi everybody, haven’t posted in awhile. I am heading into week 13 and have totally abstained the whole time.

Have not had any Declinol for over 2 weeks and feel just fine. Sure, I think about having a drink, but then that just passes. I still use my mantra, “I feel better today than yesterday, but not as good as I will feel tomorrow. Wish everybody the best.


Great product!
I bought this product because my brother used it and said it worked great! He wanted to cut down his alcohol consumption from 3 glasses of wine a night to 1. And it did do that for him.


It’s going great! After 3 and a bit weeks I’ve only had 2 beers and am enjoying life so much more.

The problem with me was not knowing when to stop drinking compared to drinking everyday. After over 20 years of binge drink I love the new clarity and perspective I have on life and am looking forward to enjoy the occasional drink with out the hangovers. So thank you and your team for a great product


Before I would want to have a drink as soon as I get up I no longer have that craving,

But i know it will take some time and a lot of will power. One thing I know is that I will beat this! It destroyed my life! My wife who I love very mush left me over it right before Christmas. But I thank God my son decided to stay with me, he is 17yrs old. With his support and Declinol I know I will beat this!

– Fransisco M., Chicago, IL.

I’m writing this at the conclusion of 8 week Declinol Program.

I am currently 27 days drink free and feel better than I have in 20 years! There is little doubt in my mind that Declinol greatly diminished my desire to drink. Within the first few days of the program my desire dropped dramatically. 4 weeks ago was my only real drawback when I hit the bottle hard at 16 oz. hard liquor. I had a devastating hangover as a result and I haven’t had a drop since. I had greater resolve to quit this time, because of serious health issues. For me Declinol helped make my resolve to quit easier. It’s not a cure by itself and in my contacts with the company, they made it clear that it wasn’t meant to be a cure.

But, it has been a tremendous tool for me to quit drinking for good. My liver area has all but quit hurting and I’ve gone from a daily walk to jogging, not running, just jogging, but this such a great step for me, because of my health matters. I feel my overall health and vitality improving with each day. It is just a pure joy to be clean and drink free. My goals are to eventually compete in triathlons at age 55! I have been converting to Paleo type foods and giving up the sugar habit. In conclusion, Declinol is not a cure but it sure is a super-tool I have used in my arsenal to quit. I give it a huge thumbs up.


Feeling good.

Drinking reduced by 50% Binge cravings drastically reduced able to focus and devour books again


Declinol helped me re-boot my system